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Super Screen Recorder 4.2

Super Screen Recorder can record all of your activities into video files
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Super Screen Recorder can record the screen activities. Just like taking a screenshot using the PrinttScreen key and saving it as image, you can record the whole screen into video using this little program. The program is useful to create video tutorials.

There are a lot of similar programs available which do the same thing. In the case of SSR, the output video format is AVI, and in this new version it includes support for SWF format as well. The video compressor formats are “Microsoft Video 1”, “Intel IYUV codec”, and “Cinepak Codec by radius”. Now, these codecs are the most primitive ones, and they were included with Windows 3.1. They have very low compression rates but the advantage is that they don’t cause much CPU overload when decoding/playing, and thus the old CPUs can use them. So, the program is really fast and you won’t notice much that a video recording is going on in the background. I even used it on my full HD monitor (1920x1080) without a problem.

The video compression quality and the frame rates, etc., can be easily set. You can record the full screen or only a particular area, with audio included. A full HD recording of 15 seconds with Cinepak is about 15 MB in size. Well, the quality is quite fair for its purpose.

The new version of the program features a lot of improvements. One of them is the feature called "Auto Pan", making the recording area follow the cursor, thus all the recording takes place in the most active area of screen. Another new feature is the scheduler to start and stop recording at a specific time. I would like to have a spy feature, where the scheduler could record without anyone knowing it, but this feature is not present. Keyboard shortcuts for all the actions of the program can be customized easily.

The functions are very easy to perform; select the part of the screen to be recorded, press record, pause, and stop buttons when necessary and click “save”. You can even record the contents from Windows Media Player and YouTube.

I like this program because it is very small and easy to use, although developers might need to improve the video output quality and include more codecs.

Zack Martin
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  • A lot of output codec types
  • Small and easy to use
  • Fast operation


  • Advanced codec settings are confusing
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